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Mitsuo Suzuki


Mitsuo Suzuki


Born in 1987 at Shizuoka, Japan, Mitsuo Suzuki is a composer whose field of work has been expanding from soundtracks for movies and stage plays to contemporary music for solo performers, chamber ensembles and orchestras, as well as electroacoustic music and ambient music.

He started playing the piano at the age of nine and soon afterwards started learning composition. At the age of 16, he began studying musicology.
Two years later he moved to Tokyo and started studying art history and aesthetics at Kokugakuin University while continuing with composition study. 
At the age of 22, he started his composing career. 

In 2018, he composed a soundtrack of a feature documentary movie Musashino directed by Masaki Haramura.
This music was played and recorded by gaQdan, an orchestra which has revolutionary ideas for recording and a lot of accomplishments(NHK Drama, anime, video games, commercials and stage plays).
This movie was screened in Takasaki Film Festival 2018 before releasing. After coming out, it set an attendance record at a first-run theater, Kawagoe Scalaza and they decided to rerun immediately after finishing the run.

Then, this movie was ranked sixth in 92nd Kinema Junpo magazine top ten, which is one of the most prestigious awards in Japan.

In the same year, He also composed a soundtrack of a short film Pay Phone directed by Yurugu Matsumoto.
This movie was selected as one of the 250 best in 10,000 and over works from 130 and more countries and regions in Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2018. Then, Takashi Irie, an actor who played one of a leading role in
Pay Phone, received a Japan Competition Best Actor Award.

In addition, later in the year, he composed a soundtrack of Cassette Tape, a sequel to Pay Phone, directed by Yurugu Matsumoto.

This movie was selected as one of the 62 best in 3661works from 104 countries and regions in 14th Sapporo International Short Film Festival and Market.


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